Friends Pages


Every Ivy League varsity team requires resources beyond the institutional budget to be truly successful. Your support enhances virtually all areas of our programs - team travel, equipment, technology and recruiting and, in some cases, assistant coach salaries.

Over time, increased support from Friends like you has made more and more possible for Big Green student-athletes, who benefit in so many ways.

Coaching Support

The growth of our Friends fundraising has allowed Dartmouth to add additional assistant coaching positions in various sports. This provides greater teaching and development for student-athletes and allows Dartmouth to be more effective in recruiting.

Team Travel

Our non-conference travel helps bring the Dartmouth name to different areas of the country and helps our coaches create competitive schedules that set us up for both Ivy and national success.

Apparel and Equipment

Advancements in apparel and equipment can have a notable impact training and in teams achieving their full potential. In addition, our student-athletes are some of the most visible representatives of Dartmouth and the Dartmouth brand.


Today's athletes need access to the best training and rehabilitation equipment to reach their full potential, and our coaches need advanced video editing equipment to maximize their effectiveness as teachers and mentors.


Allowing our coaches to find the nation's best and brightest student-athletes and put them in Dartmouth uniforms.